Our company focuses on the complete solution of OTA (Over The Air, generally refers to the performance of wireless complete machine) testing, in electromagnetic field measurement and simulation, radio frequency system and antenna design, mobile communication SISO testing, MIMO OTA testing, mechanical engineering, large-scale darkroom engineering , High-precision small OTA fast test system, radio frequency measurement components, EPP new rigid foam absorbing materials, information processing, software engineering and many other fields have unique theoretical accumulation and rich engineering experience, products cover a variety of OTA test requirements, Suitable for all kinds of wireless communication terminals.

OTA testing service

1. It can fully verify the influence of various factors from the chip to the antenna end on the performance of the whole machine, even including the influence of the chip receiving and sending algorithm on the performance of the whole machine;

2. It can verify the impact of any related software and hardware design changes on the performance of the whole machine;

3. Pass OTA passive and active tests to provide the basis and direction for the product's wireless performance optimization;

4. Provide a basis for verifying whether the product meets the relevant certification requirements and the corporate standard requirements of certain manufacturers.

The main test standards for OTA testing:

GB/T 9410 3GPP TS 25.144 Self Certification U2100 Radio radiated_V1.3

YD/T 1484 3GPP TS 34.114 Self Certification GSM CS-PS Radio radiated_V1.2

YD/T 2193 3GPP TS 37.544 Self Certification U900 Radio radiated_V1.2

3GPP TR 25.914 CTIA Test Plan for RF Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi Mobile Converged Devices

3GPP TS 38.521 OGDR 12.0 LTE Device Performances

3GPP TR 37.902 CTIA Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air-Performance