OUR company focuses on complete solutions for OTA (Over The Air, generally referring to the performance of wireless complete machines) testing, in electromagnetic field measurement and simulation, radio frequency system and antenna design, mobile communication SISO testing, MIMO OTA testing, mechanical engineering, large-scale darkroom engineering, High-precision small OTA quick test system, radio frequency measurement components, EPP new rigid foam absorbing materials, information processing, software engineering and many other fields have unique theoretical accumulation and rich engineering experience. The products cover a variety of OTA test requirements and are applicable Used in various wireless communication terminals.

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Contact: He Gong

Contact number: 130-4935-4532

Contact address: Floor 4-5 (Floor 5, Building 5), Building 4, Dawei Industrial Park, No. 12, Qinghua Road, Longhua, Shenzhen (Zip Code: 518000)